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Quotes From Around the Traps

“On the side of a hill, a lonely cabin is being prepared. Made from cheap timber, it will provide a small chamber for sleeping and praying, an alcove for washing, plus an area big enough for a stove, a sink, a table – and little else… surveys what will soon be his home – or more correctly, his cell. “I shall be in solitary,” he says, “and it is lovely.”

“It’s called the hidden life,” he says. “No wonder you weren’t aware of it… But one recent report suggested there may be around 200 hermits in Britain today.”

“But plenty of hermits have day jobs.” How a hermit can make ends meet: “internet based work, cleaning houses, manual labour, nursing, picking grapes…”

“There can be hermits walking down the street… You’ll not know them for who they are.”

“Amazing, as it may seem, evolution did not “evolve” these things by mere happenstance, they were created by wisdom so great that none of us can understand it… It may seem to some a very limited existence… Life Off the Grid

“Can hermit crabs breathe underwater?

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Author: Joseph Bowers PhD

Dr Joseph Bowers holds a Ph.D. Counselling, M.Ed. Counselling, Grad. Cert. Higher Education, and B.A. with Distinction in Religious Studies and Philosophy. Joseph is a founding member of the counselling profession in Australia, Honorary of the Australian Counselling Association, and Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies at the UNE. His experience since the 1980s includes roles in Pastoral Counselling, Counselling Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision and Counsellor Education; for the past two decades training therapists and in practice as a specialist in personal development, disability and mental health. He is currently doing a post-doctoral study in spirituality leading to a doctorate in theology.

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