St Teresa’s Wisdom


St. Teresa’s deepest conviction as a Carmelite was to imitate the way of life of the early hermits of the Order. She often said: “Let us remember our holy fathers of past days, the hermits whose lives we attempt to imitate. What sufferings they bore, what solitude, cold, thirst and hunger, what burning sun and heat! And yet they had no one to complain to except God.” She also said to her daughters: “For the whole manner of life we are trying to live is making us, not only nuns, but hermits, like the holy fathers our predecessors.” In the way of life instituted by Ss. Teresa of Jesus and John of the Cross, the Carmelite monks find the means necessary to return to the pristine charism of those first hermits on Mount Carmel.

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Welcome! Pace e Bene! Peace and All Good! This blog explores the nature of consecrated life in the western Catholic tradition, with an emphasis on contemplative life, prayer, solitude, spirituality, and other supportive practices. A lay eremitic and anchorite charism informs the inspiration for this work. Comments are welcome. Many blessings to you and your family. Father. Son. Spirit. Amen.
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